PathPilot Lite

All the features of PathPilot in a smaller and more cost effective format, integrated into your vehicles

Drover’s patented technology packed into a compact module with a processor and sensor fusion, can now fit discreetly into all types of micromobility vehicles.

Who is PathPilot Lite
right for?


PathPilot Lite can connect to onboard systems and only requires the addition of a camera to the vehicle.


Take your micromobility IoT product offering to the next level by integration PathPilot Lite.

Fleet operators that build and design their own vehicles

Incorporate AI and computer vision into your next gen vehicles to meet regulatory and safety requirements.


PathPilot is a module that can be attached to micromobility vehicles and uses a camera to detect and sense infrastructure, speed, and location. This technology works in real-time without the need for pre-existing data or precise GPS.

Device Agnostic

Designed to be used on legacy fleet scooters and bikes or any other conceivable Light Electric Vehicles.

Redundant GPS & Cellular

PathPilot comes equipped with its own GPS and Cellular connection, allowing our partners to benefit from redundancy in tracking and managing deployed vehicles.

Built-in Speakers

PathPilot features dual 5W speakers that allows operators to produce customized real-time alerts correlated to PathPilot detections in order to nudge user behavior to the desired outcome.

What Makes PathPilot
Technology Unique?

No Groundtruth Required

PathPilot doesn’t need precise maps of a city or 3D visual representations of an environment to position itself. With GPS based systems, precise coordinated-based location is useless without an accurate map to provide context. With other visual positioning systems, a high definition 3D visual map is required for positioning.

No GPS Required

PathPilot does not rely on GPS position to determine its real-time location. Even in the absence of a GPS feed, PathPilot continues to accurately infer its location onboard the vehicle, eliminating any lapses in performance or user experience.

Can Scale and Deploy Rapidly

No extensive pre-training is required. PathPilot’s ‘out-of-the-box’ performance is unparalleled and can be expected to perform very well even in new cities it has never been trained in. Additional city-specific training data can be gathered and incorporated within 10 days.

Bike Lane Detection

PathPilot is currently the only technology that offers the ability to detect bike lanes in addition to street and sidewalk, enabling rich insights into user behavior and potentially helping inform urban planning.

Proven at Scale

PathPilot technology is deployed on thousands of vehicles across dozens of cities across the US, Europe, Middle East and Australasia. It is a mass produced and certified product, not a prototype technology that hasn’t been tested.